Be guided behind the scenes to learn the tactics and resources for recording artists and producers to thrive in today's ever-changing music industry. Guests range from music producers, artists, label bosses, game audio experts, and more who all share their professional life stories to give you insight into their real-life successes and failures. Join Greg Gordon for an inside look at what drives these industry professionals both as everyday people and their passion for making music their lives.

About the Host

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Greg Gordon


I am the founder & CEO of PYRAMIND Music & Audio Production Institute based in San Francisco, CA.

I help artists and producers guide their passion for music and audio production into careers that change lives.

I'm an executive, producer, and creative with over 25 years in music, live & virtual events, and education and audio development for interactive media. My expertise includes technical and creative audio services, business development, brand partnerships, music publishing, education, and live & virtual experiences.

I have conducted panels and spoken at: SXSW, The SF Music Tech Conference, AES Conference, The Academy of Art, SFSU, and GRAMMY Sound Tables.

I was voted entrepreneur of the Year by The Renaissance Center For Entrepreneurship and awarded ICIC's (Initiative for a Competitive Inner City) top 100 fastest growing inner city companies in America.

I'm an Ableton-certified trainer and a 30-year voting member of The Recording Academy (The Grammys). I have had the honor of serving on the board of Governors and as a Trustee representing the San Francisco Chapter of The Recording Academy.

My clients have included: HTC Vive, Microsoft Studios, Insomniac Games, Ubisoft, Disney, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Blizzard, and Zynga, working on award-winning titles like Watch Dogs 2, Halo Anniversary, Sunset Overdrive, God Of War, World Of Warcraft, Kinect Disneyland, Arcade Saga VR, and Tron Run/r.

My music credits include working with many globally recognized recording artists including Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation), Giorgio Moroder, K Theory, Rain Phutureprimitive, The Bronx, Merl Saunders & Jerry Garcia (The Grateful Dead), and Rocker T & the legendary Joan Baez amongst many others.