Jan. 6, 2021

Antiserum- OG Bass head to OG Funksta breaking down Skunked

OG Bass Head to OG Funksta breaking down Skunked

Breaking down the funky Dubstep infused track, Skunked. Evaluating the current trends in modern Dubstep & Riddim. Playing shows in France & Budapest before Covid. Signing with Maximum Boost Agency. Playing the content game and releasing on the "regular". Live streaming shows from the Social Sanctuary in LA. Mentoring with Pyramind. Mixing & Mastering services business and assorted "random audio jobs" and releasing new Antiserum music. Releasing on Subsidia Records with a whole new approach to putting out music. Staying at the forefront of Dubstep with Excision. Putting out lots of huge compilations. Being consistent and working on multiple platforms. Using Twitter to connect with his fans. Producing in the arrange view in Ableton. The nuances and intricacies of sampling. How to use the free app soundflower as a virtual mixer for your computer for inspiration, sampling and accessing lots of content. The pros & cons of self-releasing vs. signing label deals. Producing the ultimate Antiserum album that combines multiple styles into the Antiserum "Sound". What it looks like to have a mentorship session with Antiserum. Learning from failure as much as success. Failure as success training.


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