May 27, 2021

Bob Duskis: 25 Years of Music with Six Degrees Records

Bob Duskis: President and Co-founder of Six Degrees Records

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Bob Duskis, president and co-founder of Six Degrees Records looks back on 25 years of music and experience running a record label. How to get a smash hit song with TikTok and the impact it has on an artist's visibility and sales. How to find and select international artists for your music label. How to work out record deals from an independent label perspective. How to work with global distribution deals for varying international markets. Developing and nurturing a new audience based on instrumental tracks recorded and produced specifically for guided meditations. Music from Dom La Nena, Karsh Kale, and Bombay Dub Orchestra. How 2020 pushed independent artists to evolve and produce music on their own. A retrospective look at Six Degrees Records with Bob's upcoming new podcast.


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