Oct. 13, 2020

DJ Celeste: Working with Next Level Creative Tools in VR For Artists & DJ's

In this episode Greg and DJ Celeste discuss the transition of the current live music industry from venues and festivals to online live-streaming, Twitch and VR parties, including the use of Tiltbrush and Blender as a stage building tool for visual artist in collaboration with musicians and venues in the online space. 

Collaborating with cello Joe in Oakland. Filming a music video pre-covid. The amount of musicians and producers in our orbit. Producing and releasing music during quarantine. Making vibrant music with Ableton for ecstatic dance parties. The Boutique Electronique label in Germany. Producing Hip-hop. Livestreams with costumes. The financial impact of Covid-19 on the artist community. Learning to adapt to the new normal. Social media marketing. Wanting to believe in the arts and the good of people. The cutting edge of music technology and its effect on the perspective of art imitating life and life imitating art. Making VR art with Tiltbrush for events in Second Life. Using Blender with help from a Pixar animator. The struggle of using Mac vs Windows when developing in VR. Learning how to use Unity. Learning new platforms like Roblox, while mitigating the concern of too much screen time. Missing Burning Man, adapting to the “Virtual Burn”. Love of Anime, love of Unicorns. Using Tribe XR as a VR platform to educate new and upcoming DJs, especially during quarantine. Different VR creative and performance platforms like Wave and AltSpace, different platforms integration with Rekordbox. Purchasing an Oculust Quest, and performing in VR at the Great Northern SF Nightclub. Live VR performance DJ set.

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