Dec. 18, 2020

Dr. Steven Schwartz AKA Dr. Vibe: Bioharmonic Technologies and Primal Resonance

Bioharmonic Technologies and Primal Resonance: Producing Music for Wellness

The evolution of The VIBE: Vibrational Individualized Body Enhancement System and using Sound, Light Frequency Vibration for Wellness. Growing up in New Jersey with a father who was a pharmacist and pursuing sports medicine and then studying to become a chiropractor. Drawn to moving West and moving to Denver Colorado to establish a wellness practice. Invited to move to San Diego to help develop a Bioharmonic feedback system. Manufacturing first round of vibrational technology. Going from being a chiropractor to being a technologist. Tuning into being an artist and creative, working with patients and developing a process around using Sound, Light Frequency Vibration for Wellness. Working with inflammation and cellular memory. Researching and developing technology to optimize human potential and clearing neurological imbalances. Being a channel. Being introduced to sound healing and Vibroacoustic sound lounges by Mentor Ed Bender. Creating vibroacoustic music without even realizing it and diving into vibroacoustic research from around the world. Identifying specific frequencies for different physiological effects. No formal training in music production. Non-traditional chiropractic practice as a Kinestisiologist. Early stages using "vibrational signatures" placed into the patient's biofield to check for changes in neurological response affecting change in allergic responses and other wellness problems. This set up a new delivery system. Using music as a delivery system. Using Ableton to develop the music and being inspired to use the clips to recreate his protocols. Creating a biofeedback system and music. Visualizing his future as a sound healing rock star and developing seven albums. Writing a book called Primal Resonance with a focus on Chronic inflammation as an epidemic in America. The connection between chronic inflammation and its connection to the Covid 19 pandemic. Foundational research working with the living connective tissue matrix. "Hydrate, Vibrate & Gyrate". The keys to the universe. Importance of cellular hydration for cellular conductivity. People die of lack of cellular communication that leads to many diseases. Optimizing "cellular communication". Boosting the immune system through yoga, acupuncture, anti-viral plants & herbs, & the VIBE. Vibrational Indivuduaized Body Enhancement System. Controlling anxiety stress & overwhelm. Formulating specialized music to influence your "field". Making harmonically aligned vibrational music that's attuned directly to the connective tissue with specific mathematics of the connective tissue, specific brainwave frequency patterns, sacred geometry, physiological frequencies and I formulate specialized music so we can influence your field. Because If negative stimulus creates negative chemistry if we put positive stimulus into your field it creates positive chemistry it's just really that simple. Creating a music catalog called "Sonic Ceuticals" meaning healing through sound. Assisting & shifting human physiology to optimize human performance and experience. Working with brain wave states using different frequencies to move negative energy. Tuning the nervous system using music to address the deeper aspects of neurological disfunction. The visceral somatic reflex.


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