April 9, 2021

Heather Christie: The Triple Threat Hero's Journey

Heather Christie "music-preneurship", remixing songs for more reach, American Idol, and the Hero's Journey

Heather Christie & Gregory J. Gordon discuss "music-preneurship", remixing songs for more reach, the negative effects of American Idol, and the Hero's Journey in music. Heather shares her range of artistic experiences in dancing, acting, producing, and performing, as well as her transition from musical theatre to singing and songwriting. Heather talks about her influences from Latin American culture, her travels to Mexico, Ecuador, and Guatemala, and writing songs in Spanish. She then reflects on her experience on American Idol, and how that sparked her to learn music business and take control of her own career. Heather talks about practicing, performing and producing music with her husband and partner, multi-instrumentalist Vir McCoy and using the stems of many differents world instruments from many of his recordings to create new and exciting dance music geared towards the ecstatic dance community.

Opening and closing music is Space Between, by Heather Christie.

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