July 21, 2020

Jor van der Poel: Composer, Producer & Online Course Author.

Life In Berlin, Performing with Ableton Live, Experimental and Techno Music, RTFM, and how to know what you don't know!

Meet Jor van der Poel: Originally from the Netherlands and now living, working and producing in Berlin. Jor has been working with Pyramind as a music production educator and course developer for over three years. Moving from bands to production work and transitioning from being a drummer to guitarist and now full 88 key pianist and keyboard player. Why starting with an instructor is so important and keeping the beginner's mindset. Super Powers and how they are driven by your passion and interests. Using personal challenges to drive the growth of skills that end up becoming your passions. Picking and choosing the Ableton Live features that work best for your needs. How to manage complicated sets, tempo and key changes and still be hands free to perform live. Maintaining a full schedule and the importance of strong time management for working, creating and always learning. Being disciplined but still keeping it fun. Favorite artists and influences. Experimental live streams, Jor's studio setup secrets and different favorite controllers. When and why to use Logic vs. Reason vs. Reaper vs. Ableton. Favorite synth plugins for creative sound design. Parametric composition with Opus Modus. The importance of collaboration even when you're fully self sufficient. Jor's favorite effects and how to personalize your live set with your own custom designed FX & device racks.


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