Feb. 4, 2021

Shane Hazleton: From conceptualizing the original APC 40 to Mentoring LMFAO

From Conceptualizing the original APC 40 to Mentoring LMFAO

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Shane Hazleton's seven years of education included his undergraduate degree in Music Interdisciplinary Computing in The Arts at UCSD (where he studied with the likes of Miller S. Puckette, inventor of MAX MSP), and was followed by his MFA at Cal Arts in Experimental Sound Practices and Integrated Media. This led him down a path of visionary development where his idea for creating a matrix-based touch controller for clip launching and integration with Ableton Live brought him to share that vision with multiple developers and was eventually embraced by Akai, and led to the creation of the APC 40. Pre-college he was influenced by the likes of Marilyn Manson and Nirvana and then discovered Raves, Psychedelics, and the intense desire to create electronic music. Inspired by Brian Crabtree at UCSD, inventor of The Box, led to shopping around the idea for a matrix controller. Going to work for Allesis/Newmark/Akai and developing Max patches to test their audio products. Making a video for the APC to "get shows" and having Steffen Gordy (The son of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy) from LMFAO reach out to hire him to come to Las Vegas to help develop their live performance with Ableton. Partying with the duo in Vegas but being influenced by his girlfriend to make a bad career decision and the backlash that brought him to the SF Bay Area. Being influenced by the level of consciousness in the SF Bay Area and a noticeable "psychic field" that was creatively stimulating. Working with the "Mind Machine" and Performing in Quad to create a different kind of live performance. Breaking down his track "On Top Of The World" and discussing MAX For Live and custom patch creation.


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